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Constant Counsel

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Top-Rated Business and Real Estate Law Firm

100% Flat Fees.

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Business and Real Estate Law

Contracts, corporate matters, M&A (business sales) and real estate transactions

Fractional General Counsel 

Part-Time General Counsel for Growing Companies

Edtech Law

 Data Privacy, GDPR, COPPA, FERPA, RFPs, compliance

The Flat Fee Promise

"Whether you're part of our Corporate Counsel program or working with us on a transaction, you'll never pay to pick up the phone. Legal fees should be paid for results, not the amount of time an attorney spends on a file.
That's our flat fee promise."
- Isabel Gram, Esq.

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Working with Contstant Counsel: What to Expect

Even though Constant Counsel is based in Arizona, as a flat fee corporate counselor we operate remotely. This means you will communicate with us via phone, email and Zoom video calls. If it’s important to you to be able to meet with an attorney in person, Constant Counsel may not be the right fit for you.