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Massive Action – This Year in Review

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One of my mentors, Brooke Castillo, talks about something called “massive action” in her podcast. Massive action means you take action over and over again until you achieve your purpose, persevering even when you fail. You don’t give up just because it didn’t work out the first time.

And massive action also means that you can’t achieve big outcomes with itty bitty changes. Big outcomes require, well, massive action.

This year has definitely been a year of massive action for this law firm. But what I can’t help reflecting on is that it’s also been a year of massive action for my clients.

Isn’t there a saying about the company you keep?

So on that note, here are some incredible examples of massive action that I witnessed in my clients’ businesses in 2019 that I had the privilege of working on:

  • a services company engaging a developer to build their first, home-grown software platform.
  • numerous contract streamlining projects to compress the sales cycle and bring in revenue more quickly
  • a training company acquiring another brand and rolling out new products and services
  • 11 federal trademarks successfully registered.
  • an insurance company owner pivoting into a wellness brand
  • multiple strategic hires, including senior sales executives and VP operations
  • dozens of families putting everything on the line and purchasing and selling restaurants, restoration companies, schools, auto repair shops and shipping stores.

Here’s where massive action showed up in my law practice this year:

  • I set a revenue goal for 2019, monitored progress on a monthly (sometimes weekly) basis, and surpassed it.
  • I made a handful of powerful, professional referral relationships that have resulted in new clients (without having to “sell” anyone)
  • I renovated my home office and my commute consisted of walking from the kitchen with a cup of coffee.
  • I over-delivered and deepened key, long-term client relationships, building trust.

Thank you to all my clients and friends for your help in continuing to build this practice and for letting me be a small part of your massive action in 2019, and years to come.

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