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The longest, sweetest summer.

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Working from home is nothing new for me.

For the last two years, I’ve worked solo from a bright, modern home office. I have two massive monitors so I can grab, drag and compare multiple documents at the same time with ease. It’s a quiet, serene space set up exactly the way I need to run my law practice.

In many ways, my routine hasn’t changed much.

I still wake up early and take a coffee into my office.

I’m still busy: the phone rings, businesses continue to be bought and sold.

But some things have changed.

It’s not as quiet. And “serene” isn’t the word I would use anymore.

I get many, many requests for snacks.

There is a lot more giggling.

And I’m pretty sure I will never get the Frozen 2 soundtrack out of my head.


Working at home with two little girls under 9 has been both challenging and a delight. We’ve never spent so much time together and it seems this will be our way of life for some time to come. So, I’m doing my best to embrace this new normal and treat this time as though it could be the longest, sweetest summer vacation of our lives.

And in a time when everyone can use a little more TLC, I’m here to help.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if I can be of service in any way through this transitional time. I’m happy to speak with anyone who needs some counsel.

From my family to yours, be well and take care.

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