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The art of the pivot.

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When my 9-year old’s teacher first starting Zooming with the class, it was a bit of a gong show.

One student inadvertently shared their parent’s screen. None of the 24 students were muted. And they were HYPER.

But after a couple weeks, Ms. Z. had managed to capture their attention for 1 hour or more, every day.

They learned new topics, mastered old ones, and successfully completed third grade.

So, how did she do it? How did she take what seemed like a set of circumstances inimical to learning and make it successful?

She got creative. And, she was completely dedicated.

She made herself available for in-between calls to support students that were struggling with concepts.

She gave the kids the celebrity of virtual air time to present book reports.

And when they needed to talk about their worries, she listened and reassured them.

I used to think a pivot was a slight adjustment, a tactic to produce additional growth and share of market.

I don’t believe that anymore.

In the current environment, a pivot can mean the difference between business survival and closure. Pass or fail.

Operating the same way we always have is likely not going to cut it, unless you work in one of those rare industries that is immune or even boosted by current conditions.

For all those businesses that are affected, a radical pivot may be in order.

Is that even a pivot anymore?

Maybe it’s reinvention.

Now that’s something to get excited about.

Looking at our own businesses and those of our clients, I wonder: what would Ms. Z. do?

Embrace technology at the sales, delivery and product stages.

If your market segment is weakened, evaluate adjacent ones for opportunity.

Solve new problems: what do your customers truly need right now and how can you help solve those new challenges?

Time to hit the whiteboard.

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