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Creating colossal value in 2020.

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My grandfather said, “If you can sell, you’ll always be successful.”

But how do you sell in 2020 when it feels like we’re all white-knuckling it?

Are customers really willing to part with their money when everything is so uncertain?

Here’s my opinion:

A resounding YES. 


Customers will still pay for VALUE.

They’ll pay for expert advice to navigate complex situations.

They’ll pay for a positive experience that enriches their lives.

And, they’ll pay for effective help in solving their problems. Including some new ones.

So, if you’re feeling a sales squeeze right now (and even if you’re not), consider whether you have the ability to bring even MORE value to the table. Instead of tight-fisting your own knowledge and expertise, let go and release it all into the business universe.

And above all, let the driving force be customer value:

Enhance your offering. If you have more time on your hands because sales are down, take this time to invest in your existing customers and give them the most epic, premium experience they’ve ever had. Be extremely responsive. Overdeliver on deadlines if possible. Make sure the user experience is extraordinary. Use this time to treat your customers like absolute gold. After all, those customers are precious. And your efforts to level up the customer experience will not only help with retention, but will also impact future growth through client referrals.

Get inventive. A wise person I know once said that downtimes were the perfect opportunity to get creative in your business. After all, long-term success is born from working ON the business, not in it. Hit the whiteboard and create new products and services – but not just any new products and services. Ones that will delight your customers. Explore partnerships that could add dimension to your own customer offering. Consider new delivery channels that make it easier for your customers to purchase and experience your goods.

Give more, reward existing customers with a red carpet experience and watch as abundance happens.

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