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Commercial leases: how to get the deal done.

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Over the last few months, this firm has been working on loads of commercial leases for retail and restaurants.

Yup, new restaurants.

Sushi restaurants. Tacos. Coffee, wine bars and donut shops.

Business owners have incredible conviction in their concepts and passion for their brands, even amidst the challenges of 2020.

And I’m here to help make it happen.

Making it happen, when it comes to commercial leases, means a few different things.

It means helping a tenant understand how the legalese truly affects them.

It means smoothing out communication with the landlord.

It means getting to know the tenant and understanding what matters most to THEM and helping them achieve their goals with the landlord’s support.

It means helping them feel informed and confident about their decision, and removing all the mystery around that 10-point font, 60-page contract.

(Don’t you just want to curl up by the fire with that?)

Here’s what it doesn’t mean.

It doesn’t mean going to battle.

It doesn’t mean copious amounts of redlining, delays and arguing over the inconsequential stuff.

It doesn’t mean racking up hours and legal bills.

And it DEFINITELY doesn’t involve inserting ego into the negotiation process.

A successful lease is a meeting of the minds, alignment on terms and even enthusiasm for a long-term business relationship between tenant and landlord.

It doesn’t have to be a clash.

The process to get to YES can bring of mind and clarity of expectations to both sides.

That’s a win-win.

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