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Getting the VIP treatment from your lawyer.

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Sound like a contradiction in terms?

Probably, since most people enjoy dealing with attorneys about as much as they delight in going to the dentist.

(Maybe less.)

And why would they?

After all, you get charged every time your attorney takes your call. Or answers your email.

If they answer at all.

And then there’s the mystery factor:

Okay, you think. I bought some contracts. But how do they ACTUALLY protect me and my business?

And will they still protect me next year when business has changed? If I have a new partner or product or location?

Maybe you reach out again the following year. And the attorney (if it’s even the same one) re-learns your business and creates another one-off.

That sounds kind of broken to me.

What if we started ALL OVER?

What if we stood in front of a whiteboard (a personal favorite) and wrote down all the ingredients of a VIP attorney experience?

What would we write?

I’ve been spending a lot of time at my whiteboard.

I’m obsessing about what it takes to deliver exceptional legal services.

And here’s what I believe, based on client feedback over the years:

A VIP experience with a lawyer is a sigh of relief, knowing that someone with experience has your back.

It’s never hesitating to pick up the phone to ask a question because you’re wondering how much it’s going to cost you.

It’s a partnership. It supports, not hinders, rapid growth.

It connects to all the parts of the business: sales, finance, marketing, HR and operations.

A business isn’t static.

Legal support shouldn’t be either.

It should weave, adapt, fill in the gaps and strengthen a growing business.

Small, big or somewhere in between, every company deserves a premium legal experience.

The corporate counsel experience.

In 2021, I’ve recommitted to giving business owners RESULTS and bringing the corporate counsel experience to every company, every time.

Flat fees for everyone. No hourly billing.

Top shelf customer service.

Continuous support.

Plus, a brand-new membership program for qualified business owners.

(More to come on that.)

A renaissance?


Or maybe it’s the way law should have been all along.

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