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We’re growing…

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At the end of 2020, I was breathing hard.

I’d closed a LOT of deals.

I’d brought on about 60 business owner clients in one year.

And I knew, to keep growing responsibly, I needed help.

Not just any kind of help.

I needed someone who could embody the firm’s core values:

Ultra-responsive. 5-star work product. Business forward.

It was a tall order – but I found that person back in February. And he has already helped me immensely in 2021. Many of you have already had the pleasure of working with him, particularly last week when he ran point so effectively in my absence.

So, I’m very pleased to introduce you to Christopher Schuster, JD, the firm’s new lawyer.

Chris has spent the vast majority of his 19-year legal career serving as General Counsel for several companies, which means he appreciates that legal decisions are never made in a vacuum. Chris takes a practical, business focused approach to legal challenges seeking resolutions that allow businesses to move forward while limiting risk, delay and expense.

While Chris has extensive experience working in corporate and commercial matters, he also brings new practice areas to the firm – a huge value add for our clients. These specialty areas include data privacy, trusts & estates and EdTech.

I am so grateful Chris has joined the firm. He and I look forward to supporting our clients as a team. You can read more about Chris and his background on our website.

If you or someone you know wants VIP legal support for a flat fee:

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