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Flat Fee Estate Plans for Business Owners

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Here’s the thing about business owners.

They often put the well-being of their company and their employees ahead of their own.

They are usually last to be paid.

First to reach into their own pockets to keep things afloat.

They work the longest hours.

And take the biggest risks.

They lay awake at night, worrying and obsessing in alternation.

Why the sacrifices?

Because the dream is intensely powerful.

To build something extraordinary.

Usually stirred by a deep desire to take care of family.

There’s a way to take that desire one step further: a complete estate plan.

Maybe a piece of a plan already exists.

But it’s outdated. Or misplaced.

Or absent altogether, leaving legacy to chance.

We can help fill in the gaps so owners can stop that nagging feeling and focus on what they do best.

The firm now proudly offers flat fee estate plans for business owners.

Simple or complex.

Set it up and get back to business.

Reply if you’d like a free consultation.

If you or someone you know wants VIP legal support for a flat fee:

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