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Why we don’t compete on price.

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When I first opened my law practice in 2018, I said ‘yes’ to everyone.

Scrappy and with virtually no overhead, I could easily outbid the other firms on fees.

Combine that with personal attention (after all, I had the time) and sure enough, I had a solid foundation to grow a business.

And it did grow.

From one prized client to now over 100.

From saying yes to everyone to serving business owners exclusively.

From using “I” to refer to the firm, to saying “we”.

Because it’s not just me now.

And we don’t try to outbid anyone, anymore.

That’s because:

We aren’t offering the same thing as the other firms.

We aren’t just reviewing a contract or putting a deal together.

We’re acting as your company’s dedicated corporate counsel.

And the value is in the experience.

Solid legal counsel to protect your business and champion your interests?

Of course.

But also: the personal attention.

The relationship.

The responsiveness.

The freedom to pick up the phone without wondering how much you’ll be charged.

That value proposition took root in those early days of ‘yes’ and those roots run wide and deep.

We differentiate our firm on service level, not price.

We want clients who want more out of their legal counsel.

That’s something to say ‘yes’ to.

If you or someone you know wants VIP legal support for a flat fee:

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