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What are we really doing here?

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My daughters are 10 and 6.

Recently while driving, I asked them if they understood what mom did for work.

The 6-year-old confidently replied that I sit/stand at a computer and take a lot of phone calls and drink a lot of coffee.

The 10-year-old said I was a lawyer and that I have my own business.

They were both right.

But neither of them fully grasped what a lawyer actually does.

And what value they bring.

(Yes, yes – pause here for the inevitable lawyer joke.)

But seriously – I needed an answer.

One that made sense to those under 10.

Otherwise, what is the point really?

If I can’t explain in simple terms what our value proposition is, what are we doing here?

So, I gave it some thought and came up with a very simple response:

We help business owners.

See that ice cream shop? Real people own that ice cream shop.

Every day they hope to sell enough ice cream to keep their doors open.

With the money they make from selling ice cream, they pay for the homes that their families live in.

They use that money to pay for breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Summer camps and cars.

Sometimes they want to stop selling ice cream and have someone else take over for them.

So, they can relax and do other things they love to do.

We help them do that, too.

And sometimes, when people buy or sell or run a business, they have worries.

Our job is to help lessen those worries.

That’s why you hear me on the phone a lot, listening and giving advice.

The girls nodded from the backseat. They were satisfied with that answer.

So was I.


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