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Selling as a service (the new SaaS).

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Sales is not a dirty word in my business.

In fact, it’s one of my favorite roles.

Sure, it’s got a bad rap.

And when it’s pushy, unnatural, forced and unpleasant – it deserves it.

But when the selling process is treated as a service in and of itself, it doesn’t feel bad and unnatural.

It feels GOOD.

Great even.

After all, it’s often the time when your best, long-term customers first get to meet your company.

So, how do you sell as a service? And why does it matter?

Change your mindset about sales.

You’re not pushing someone to buy your service or product.

You’re helping someone make an important buying decision.

In my firm, this means I’m helping someone decide if they want legal representation for their business deal.

Or what type of attorney they want to support them.

What buying decision are you helping someone to make?

Create value in selling with questions and education.

If selling is a service, that means you are providing value to someone even BEFORE they buy.


First, ask questions.

I ask prospects what keeps them up at night. And what a great outcome would look like.

By asking, I provide value because I’m holding space for them to describe their concerns and get clearer on what they’re looking for.

Second, provide education.

When I speak to a prospect, I describe how a business transaction unfolds, what to expect, all the legal terminology and how it applies to their particular situation.

And when we go our separate ways, I feel great because I know they’re more informed than they were before.

No matter who they select.

Which leads me to the final thought.

Accept that you may not be the best fit.

We only work with business owners that value an open, communicative relationship over time with their attorney.

(Extra points if we laugh together.)

That means this firm is not for everyone.

And that is fine by me.

Because when I connect with my BEST clients, the ones that fit the profile, that’s when my business really soars.

That’s when it’s a joy.

So, in the selling process, if I determine that I’m not a fit for someone, I’m providing value there, too.

I’m helping them get that much closer to their best match.

For me, I’ve found that leading with value in the selling process not only eliminates the “ick” of selling, but it’s also a powerful way to find your best customers.

Best customers = growth.

So, don’t get out there and sell.

Go help someone make a buying decision.

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