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80% Decision Targets

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80% Decision Targets

Contact with Jodie Foster is one of my husband’s favorite movies.

Earth has built a transport using alien engineering plans.

Jodie is in the pilot seat, the chosen human delegate.

The machine shakes violently as it readies for takeoff.

She looks terrified.

But Jodie’s yelling to her crew as loud as she can, over and over:

I’m okay to go! I’m okay to go!

Here’s what I think:

NO WAY was Jodie 100% okay to go.

Maybe 80%, at best.

She wasn’t completely okay to go, but she was going anyway.

If she’d waited until she was 100% ready, the opportunity would have passed her by.

Lately, I feel the same about decision readiness in business.

I am a person that likes to do a LOT of analysis before I make a business decision.

I don’t wing it.

I research extensively.

Create excel spreadsheets.

Consult with my business coaches.

But even with all that analysis, I never get to 100%.

Time to add a new employee?

I was 80% sure.

Choosing that new CRM?


In business, you never really know the outcome.

So, I’m getting comfortable with an 80% decision target.

As a business owner, I’m starting to let go of the idea of certainty.

It doesn’t exist, and I won’t let opportunity pass me by.

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I’m okay to go.

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