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General Counsel, Privacy Counsel, Fractional CLO, Corporate Counsel

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Monthly Membership Program

Get affordable, dedicated General Counsel or Privacy Counsel for your small or medium-sized business
without the cost of hiring a full-time attorney.

As a rapidly growing software company, it’s essential for us to have strong legal counsel to guide us through data privacy matters, complex commercial transactions, corporate governance and employment issues. Working with Constant Counsel has exceeded our expectations and has garnered positive feedback from employees throughout the organization. Chris is highly knowledgeable, professional and responsive to time-sensitive matters. We would highly recommend the program to other tech companies who want the benefits of in-house counsel without the overhead cost of a full-time hire.

Monthly Membership Features

General Counsel or Privacy Counsel
Predictable Monthly Fee
On-Demand Legal Advice
Compliance & Risk Management
Data Protection and Privacy
Contract Streamlining

We have been extremely pleased with Constant Counsel’s legal support. Isabel and her team have negotiated commercial contracts, handled corporate governance matters, guided us through employment issues and handled our acquisition. Isabel is responsive, easy to work with and we see her as a valuable extension of our leadership team. The flexibility of a monthly program has also been highly beneficial to us as an alternative to having a full time attorney on staff. We would recommend Constant Counsel’s services to any growing company.
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What Our Members Are Saying

We have been extremely pleased with Isabel’s outside counsel services. Her turnaround time on contracts is extremely fast and she is highly responsive when urgent legal matters arise. Additionally, she is an excellent resource for our company and I would highly recommend her services to other rapidly growing companies that need regular legal support and counsel.
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April Garcia, CFO
Pragmatic Institute
It's awesome for a small company to be able to have in-house counsel. Isabel's legal knowledge and business acumen have been invaluable. If you are looking for an attorney to help you grow your business in the right way, I would recommend Isabel to anyone!
As Loren Data grows, our contracts are becoming more complex. As we became keenly aware of the GDPR requirements and the data privacy add-ons by various countries, I wanted to ensure that we would be able to protect our company in a nuanced environment. Constant Counsel helps me sleep at night knowing that they’re keeping us on the up-and-up in these areas. Their support gives me confidence that there are no legal gaps and allows me to focus on those areas that represent the best use of my time.
As a small business with little resources, Chris provides the skilled expertise to negotiate and approve any edits new clients make to our contracts. He also helps us confidently navigate the complexities of managing a 501c3 that partners with some of the biggest tech companies in the world.
We are very happy with Constant Counsel’s monthly membership services. Chris’s expertise in data privacy and the world of edtech has been invaluable in helping us grow our company responsibly. He has guided us through a risk assessment of internal policies and practices around data retention and intellectual property. He has reviewed and suggested key changes to our customer contracts that better protect our company without compromising sales. Chris has quickly become not only our attorney, but a trusted business advisor. We highly value having our own outside “General Counsel” at this stage of growth.
Constant Counsel Monthly Membership Program review by Ryan Cristal
Ryan Cristal, Founder & CEO